DIY Miniature Dollhouse: Bedroom for Girl

nldiycraft image dollhouse

You will love this Bedroom as it complements your other miniature dollhouse furnishings. There are a few tools that made these doll house pieces possible…or at least much easier. I’ll tell you what I used:


- PVC Foam Board Sheet
- Glue Gun / Super Glue
- Cutting Mats
- Utility Knife
- Logan 701-1 Straight Cutter Elite Straight Matboard and Foamboard Cutter For Framing and Matting
- Logan Graphic Products, Inc. Adapt-a-Rule Cutting Guides 24 in.

PDF Printable: Here


Let's start!

Step 1: making the walls and floor

Cut 3 pieces FoamBoard like the picture below. Using the wallpaper with wood and flowers and glue on the wall and the floor.

Glue them together and we got the frame of the bedroom.

Step 2: Making the Bed

Cut 3 pieces of FoamBoard and use Acrylic to paint it according to your preference. Glue them together and you will have the bed.


Step 4: Make mattresses and pillows

Prepare a cardboard, soft foam or cotton wool, draper or fabric to make mattresses for the bed as shown below

Prepare a small cloth to blanket and the pillow for the bed.

Step 5: Make the beside table

Cut the foamboard, decor with decal paper as below:

Step 6: Make the study table & chair

Cut the foamboard, glue them together and decor with the paint as you like.

Step 7: Make bookcase, shelf and books




Step 8: Decor your bedroom



Please watch the video below for full instructions